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Offering the following services to come alongside you or your organization's efforts to advance your goals and successes.

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One on one sessions focus completely on you and your goals and needs. Unlike counseling, which focuses on diagnosing and healing, or consulting, which focuses on supplying expert advice, or mentoring, which focuses on how the mentor achieved the objective, coaching is about coming alongside and assisting you in achieving the clarity and momentum needed to achieve your specific objectives in your specific context. I provide many tools in doing just that.


One on one coaching typically includes several coaching sessions a month (as determined by client and Tom) as well as unlimited access via text, email, or other means as determined as well as Coach research time on your behalf to resource you.

One on One Coaching

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Leadership Cohorts

Cohorts are typically 3-6 Leaders who will work through a well rounded approach to leadership training using some of the most effective curated material I have found. Alternating through working through online material and group coaching provides content, as well as processing, accountability and coaching so what you learn gets put into practice. After working through a unit you will be able to use it to train your leaders as well.

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Broom Tree Landing

We have created guest space in a 100 year old farm house on Leesville Lake in Gretna Virginia. This bucolic setting is the perfect place to retreat, pray, enjoy the outdoors (Top notch fishing and lake fun). We offer custom retreats built around your needs and can offer anything from a weekend retreat to an extended sabbatical stay. All by donation.



As a seasoned speaker Tom is available for retreats, pulpit supply, and consulting/training in certain specialized areas such as Youth, Gospel Centered Life Design and management, Discipleship, and Missional living.

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