Do you sometimes struggle with:

Disillusionment with ministry and feeling burnt out?

Disconnection in your life and ministry?

Discouragement with the outcomes you are achieving?

Derailment of your best efforts to move forward?

Disorientation from the rapid changes in church and culture?

Desire to function at an even higher level?

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Are you ready to THRIVE and not just survive
in your life and ministry?


I come alongside you to work with you on the challenges that keep you up at night.

I help you develop and draw upon the best of your own unique God-given strengths and resourcefulness to discern and meet whatever challenge you are facing. 

The outcomes you seek are on the other side of the clarity, ownership, strategy, and momentum that are within your reach. 

What people are saying

Tom Friedrichs is a man of integrity and wisdom whom I have known for over four decades. He is a great example of a person seeking God from his youth and keeping faithful through all that life throws at us. Tom fights the good fight and can be trusted to guide those heading in the same path.

Peter Vanacore

Executive Director

Christian Association of Youth Mentoring


Relationships   /   Career  /   Marriage  /   Spiritual Walk     Health  /   Family  /   Finance  /  Impact


Having been an Entrepreneur, Designer, a Youth for Christ Executive Director, and  then an ordained Pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance for 25 years, Tom has pursued excellence in many venues and experienced all the joys, challenges, successes, failures and wounds that accompany that. As a husband and father of three Tom values family. As an artist and musician, Tom values creativity. As a coach and creative collaborator, Tom's goal is to come alongside Christian Leaders to help them be healthy and effective for the long haul

Tom Friedrichs

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